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Shapewear Price in India

Latest Shapewear Models List (2018) Updated Prices
Shararat Women ShapewearRs.499
Sizzlacious Women's ShapewearRs.399
Yoga Design Lab Women's ShapewearRs.499
Yoga Design Lab Women's ShapewearRs.499
Yoga Design Lab Women's ShapewearRs.499
Wonder World Women's ShapewearRs.1,099
Bonjour Women's ShapewearRs.749
Laceandme Women ShapewearRs.1,350
Girlsz Women's ShapewearRs.544
dreamswear Women's ShapewearRs.370
Shapewears have gain high popularity these days and they completely deserve it. Everyone wants to look in a great shape and shapewear helps you achieve the same as soon as you embrace them. Shapewears have umpteen benefits. They let you shine in the best shape by hiding those extra flabs from various areas of your body like hips, back, stomach and bust.

Shapewears emerge out to be the best solution when you have to instantly look in great shape in your favorite bodycon dress or salwar suit or any of your dream outfit. You can't cut down those extra kilos immediately but you can definitely hide them with a good shapewear.

In fact, there are some products in this section that can actually help you lose excess cellulite. The fabric of the shapewear has fibres that help you lose extra cellulite by the process of micro massaging. If you wear them regularly, you can gradually tone your body as they help in increasing your blood flow and enhances your cardiac activity. Such shapewears have latex panels, which help you get rid of toxins.

Wearing shapewears can help you lose weight effortlessly. The thing which you should keep in mind while purchasing shapewear is- always buy the right size. Many people purchase the smaller size in a myth that they will look slimmer but that isn't truth, in fact it does the reverse.

It bulges and discomforts your body. Try choosing high waisted shapewears as they will cover up more area and will give you a proper shape. We have different kinds of shapewears with us as per your different requirements.

The brands we have with us are Being Trendy, Comfort Layer, Prettysecrets, Sizzlacious, Trendzino, Wonder World, Yoga Design Lab, Zivame etc.