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Let your adrenaline rush, and heart rate pump, indulge your body in an entraining fitness regime. It's time you stop making excuses for having no time for going to gym and create your mini home gym. Your body should be your first commitment, so quit complaining and make time the only thing which helps you in growing old gracefully. Home gyms can be beneficial for so many reasons, you cannot fuss about the gym being too far away, and it’s accessible in heavy rains as well as in heavy snow. They help you save thousands every year with a one-time investment. Imagine your family can become the fittest family in the neighborhood. Say goodbye to BP, obesity, unwanted fat and high diabetes.

Compare and review different Sports products online in India on our website and build your own personal gym in the comfort of your home sweet home. Get fit while encouraging your loved ones to exercise with you. After all, a family that exercises together lives together. 

Product Categories

We have enlisted some of the most popular exercise equipments, which are easy to use and operate. We encourage our customers to stay healthy and fit by committing an hour every day to regular exercise. Now get amazing deals by choosing affordable Fitness equipments online in India and save more by getting in better shape. Prevention is always better than cure daily exercise can help you safeguard yourself from the dangers of several heart-related diseases, obesity, back pain and diabetes etc. Exercise also helps to slow the pace of aging by keeping your body flexible and youthful.

So, go through our collection and add a little flavor of exercise or different sports into your life.

Fitness Equipments price list in India

We have everything it would take you to build a small gym in your house, from yoga mats to cycling machines to dumbbells of different shapes and weighs. We don’t want to comprise with usual gym regime, so we will help you create an authentic home gym.

  • Accessories

Accessories play an important role in defining the effectiveness and duration of the exercise. So now sweat more by choosing the right type of gloves and robes while exercising. We offer accessories from companies like Generic, Headly, Brand New, and Gravolite etc.

  • Cardio

Cycle or treadmill, we provide you with whatever you need. Kobo, Krx, Headly, and Kamachi are just a few brands you can choose in this category.

  • Strength

Improve your chest and bicep muscles by building some abs or by investing some time in building your strength with weights and dumbbells designed by companies like Reebok, Royal and B Fit Usa etc.

  • Sports Items

Be whatever you want to be Virat Kohli, Ronaldo or Stephen Curry. Just search the sport on our website and we will rain all the sports items online in front of your eyes.  Customers can also search for their desired item based on their preferred brand or by putting filters on their search to look for items of different price range and color.

  • Team Sports

Football, baseball, Rugby Ball we have it all you, you type it and website will display it. There is an amazing fun that comes with team sports, you can include as many as players want, building a feeling of unity and belongingness. Customers can shop for brands like Cosco, Nivia, Sg, and Rangeeleshope in this category.

  • Racquet Sports

Who do you admire more, Sania Nehwal or Sania Mirza? Well, you don’t have to choose as we provide equipment for both badminton and tennis. You just need to get in the mood of spending some quality time with friends and family and turn on your sporty bone. We offer brands like Head, Wilson, Yonex , and Li-ning for you to compare from.

  • Cricket

It is important for every citizen to have a rough idea about a game which is worshipped their country. Every other boy wants to become Sachin Tendulkar, because of the sport which is watched intensely in his house. Fulfill your dream by playing with professional cricket equipments from brands like SS and SG.

  • Cycling

Save your natural resources and turn into a responsible citizen. It’s not necessary to burn fuel every time you want to go nearby. Ditch your cars and go green with cycling.

  • Other Sports

And the list doesn’t end here; we also offer different sports equipments, for which you can search for on the website. Just type in the name, be it swimming, pool or wrestling we have everything which you will need to become a champion in that sport. Adidas, Sdi, and Champion are just some of the option from which the user can choose from.

Outdoor & Adventure

Ignite the explorer in your heart, and let your curious heart see the view which waits behind the mountain in front of you. You just need to plan a camping and trekking trip; we are here ready with the best online deals for our adventurous customers to grab.  

Search, Compare and Save

We have a wide collection of exercise machine as well as accessories that allows users to research and compare different products on the same page. Users can also review  sports, fitness and outdoor adventure products price in India to grab the best deal in the market.

Our fitness collection doesn’t end here; we also offer all types sports products online. We want the new generation to fall in love with outdoors, playing football cricket or racquet sports instead of virtually killing people and taking over the world.

Stay in Perfect Shape with IndiaShopps

Let’s create a healthy India, by committing to our bodies and exercising daily to stay fit for ourselves and our family. Take inspiration from Indian athletes like Virender Singh, Virat Kohli, and Sania Mirza, who knows there is a star growing up in your household. Buy these Sports and Fitness products online and start seeing a brand new dream.

We just want you to grow old gracefully, where you are able to play and give your grandchildren as many as piggy rides as they need.   

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