Mi TV Users Can Now Buy Mi Remotes Online Via Xiaomi’s Mi.com in India

mi tv remote

Xiaomi has recently refreshed its Mi TV portfolio and announced the launch of the new Mi TV 4X in the country. As of now, standalone Mi TV remotes are available only with the purchase of a new Mi TV. That’s the thing of the past now as Xiaomi now starts selling replacement Mi remotes in the country via Mi.com. The company’s product executive, Sudeep Sahu, took to Twitter to announce the news. While the IR remotes are available for Rs 199, the Bluetooth remotes are priced higher and would be available for Rs 499.

Standalone Mi Remotes Would be of Great Help to Mi TV Users

With the ever-increasing purchase of Mi TVs in the country, it becomes very much important that the replaceable Mi TV remotes are made available in a good number. Until now, Mi remotes are only offered on the purchase of new Mi TVs. Due to the non-availability of Mi remotes, the Indian market is flooded with a number of fake Mi remotes. The customers are forced to purchase the fake remotes owing to no other option. Although Mi TVs can be operated by a universal remote, they cost more than the standalone units.

So, the availability of Mi remotes certainly helps the customers who have either lost or broke their original Mi remotes. The move also puts an end to the rapid proliferation of fake Mi remotes in the country. 

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Xiaomi’s Journey So Far in India

Xiaomi has been a force to reckon with in the mobile industry and has topped the Indian smartphone market within no time. The Chinese company has started the Smart TV business in 2018 and has flourished well since its inception. The company followed the same mantra similar to smartphones and offered Mi TVs featuring advanced features at eye-popping prices. It is no surprise that Xiaomi witnessed unprecedented success in the recently concluded Diwali Sales. As per the estimates, the company sold more than 2.5 lakh Mi TV units across various online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Mi.com.