Xiaomi in artist cheating row


Oops! Some tea just got spilled.

Accusations with a rather valid proof are being thrown at Xiaomi for straight-up stealing a 3D artist’s work that is commissioned by LG. Xiaomi has been open about following the smartphone giant- Apple’s marketing strategies and designs for years, but this recent news has taken things a step further than expected. Ample shade was once thrown by Jeremy Clarkson regarding the same issue with Chinese companies, as he said, “copyright infringement doesn’t translate terribly well in Mandarin.”

Users are disappointed to know that Peter Tarka had no idea about his work being copied. Additionally, the picture was commissioned by Xiaomi’s rival company LG. The two images reveal an almost identical setup with only a few tweaks here and there.

Upon further inspection, one can see that the ramps have been removed Xiaomi’s products have been added in their place. This was seen on Xiaomi’s official Spanish webpage and even after criticism, the images have not been taken down.

Another picture shows that Xiaomi used a chair in the left image and a lamp in the right one. The color palette has been altered, but the design is the same.

Xiaomi in artist cheating row