Truecaller Users Can Make Free VoIP Voice Calls to Other Truecaller Users, Feature Now Available on Android


Truecaller has officially announced its VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) calling feature that goes by the name ‘Truecaller Voice.’ This feature allows the users to make voice calls using Wi-Fi or mobile data to their contacts available in the app. Hence, bringing a hefty change to the overall purpose that it initially served. The same can be used by tapping the Truecaller voice button in the app.

As for the specifications, the company claims that the Truecaller Voice will provide hassle-free high quality (HD) and low latency VoIP calls. Not to forget, these calls will be free! For easier accessibility, a shortcut for the same has been added to various locations inside the app, like call logs, contact profile, SMS inbox, and after call screen as well.

Earlier, it was suspected that this feature would only be available to the app’s premium subscribers. Although, it has now been confirmed that the feature will be available to all Android users regardless of their premium subscription. Additionally, in an official press conference, Truecaller announced that the Truecaller Voice had started rolling out on June 10, 2019. Notably, the complete roll-out is still underway and will be accessible soon enough.

So, if you have the Truecaller app installed, then do go and have a look over it, to see if you have received the update or not.