TikTok has reportedly acquired Jukedeck, a pioneering music AI UK startup

Jukedeck, pioneering music AI startup based in the UK has been reportedly acquired by the trending social media company TikTok. Jukedeck was the TechCrunch London 2015 Battlefield winner and had raised £2.5M, majorly from Cambridge Innovation Capital. The investment also includes investors such as Backed VC, Parkwalk Advisors, and Playfair Capital. Jukedeck has the ability to interpret video and set music to it automatically.

Ed Newton-Rex, the founder and CEO of Jukedeck has modified his LinkedIn profile, in order to mention that he is now working for Bytedance, TikTok’s parent company, since April this year as director for its AI Lab.

As of now, Jukedeck’s profile is offline and displays a message on its homepage that reads “We can’t tell you more just yet, but we’re looking forward to continuing to fuel creativity using musical AI!” – which can be an indication that Jukedeck’s technology of adding music to videos is likely to be used by Bytedance in TikTok.

According to the reports, many colleagues of Newton-Rex have updated their LinkedIn profile to show that they are now working for Bytedance. The list includes David Trevelyan and Pierre Chanquion, who were senior software engineers at Jukedeck and now holds the same post for Bytedance AI Lab, followed by Katerina Kosta and Gabriele Medeot, former machine learning researchers at Jukedeck and now seniors machine learning researchers at Bytedance AI Lab and then Marco Selvie, a machine learning researcher and senior software engineer at Jukedeck and now working as a senior machine learning researcher at Bytedance.

It is worth mentioning that Newton-Rex has often spoken providing the facility of music composition into the hands of the masses, in which, TikTok excels. The app has been downloaded nearly about 80 million times in the US and around 800 million times globally as per reports by Sensor Tower, a mobile research firm.