Tik Tok may soon bring Instagram-like features for enhanced user experience

Image credits: Hindustan times

Tik Tok, the most popular short-video app, appears to be testing a whole gamut of features that seem to be inspired by Instagram. They include Style grid, Discover page, and Account switcher. The features were unveiled by reverse engineering specialist Jane Wachun Wong, where she published the screenshots on Twitter. According to Techcrunch, Tik Tok’s spokesperson declined to comment on the matter but did reveal that the company is working on these features. Recently, the famous short-form video app, along with Helo, has received notices from the Indian Government where it was asked to respond to 24 questions. In case of inappropriate or unsatisfied response, Tik Tok may be banned from India post-July 22.

How do the new features impact user experience?

The new Instagram-inspired features would be an added benefit to Tik Tok in the wake of the competitive nature of social media. Let’s explore further and check how the new features would serve to enhance the user experience:

Grid style layout:

The new grid-layout would function similar to explore feature of Instagram. Currently, the users flip through each video one by one in a vertical styled manner. But with grid layout, all the videos appear in the grid patterns allowing users just to bypass the videos they didn’t want. Hence, it allows Tik Tok to surface only user-specific related content.

Discover tab:

Another key Instagram like feature, that Tik Tok is considering to include is the Discover button. At present, Tik Tok users employ the magnifying glass icon to do the relevant search by typing in the keywords to get the results. There are also filter options available to further filter the results by hashtags, sounds, users, and videos. In contrast, the new Discover button helps users to find the people rather than sounds and videos.

Account switcher:

The new option enables Tik Tok users to toggle between multiple user accounts/profiles easily. Currently, Instagram allows users to toggle between up to five user accounts.

Apparently, it appears Tik Tok seems to be testing two other features that are not from Instagram. One of them involves displaying the like counts on each video on the sound and Hashtags page. The other one would be to display the number of downloads on the videos along with the likes and shares.