Tik Tok Launches New Music App Called ‘Resso’, Here’re the Download Links for Android and iOS Users

resso music app

TikTok owner, ByteDance has launched another music app dubbed “Resso”. The app is currently in a beta testing phase and is available for download on both Google Play and App stores. The Resso app displays the real-time lyrics of the songs and lets users display the comments under individual songs. It also lets the users interact with the songs with the music accompanied by Gifs, videos, and images. Resso is set to take on the likes of Apple Music and Spotify that offer paid music streaming services.

Resso Music App- the New Revenue-Generating Platform for Byte dance

ByteDance’s successful video-sharing social networking service Tik Tok has witnessed unprecedented success. The tik tok app has been installed by more than 1.7 billion users worldwide ever since its inception in 2017. The tiktok app took giant strides in the recent past in terms of revenue generation and emerged as the second-largest digital ad player in China. The tik tok online photo and video sharing platform is also available in a compact form dubbed Tik Tok Lite. 

ByteDance is now looking beyond tik tok for the stable generation of revenue in emerging markets. Besides the ad-model of tiktok, the company is now eyeing to leverage the subscription-based paid services through Resso. The beta app is currently available for download in both India and Indonesia.  As of now, the app offers a monthly paid subscription service of Rs 119 per month ($1.70) in India, the same price as that of Spotify. The premium subscribers would be able to download the app and listen to the music ad-free. 

Resso App is Available for Both Android and iOS Users

The Resso beta app is now available for download on both Google Play and App store. According to the data compiled by Sensory tower, the app has been installed by about 27,000 users across both the iOS and Android platforms. It looks as if ByteDance is in no hurry to roll out the service in other markets across the world. The new beta launch in emerging countries would give enough room for the company to scale up the services.