Tata Sky Revises Broadband Plans to Offer 100 Mbps Speeds at Rs 1,100

tata sky broadband

Tata Sky has now revised its broadband plans to offer 100 Mbps download speed at Rs 1,100 to the customers. The subscribers opting for long-term plans can avail benefits such as a free router, free installation, and additional discounts on the rental.

Tata Sky Revises its Broadband Plans: Complete Details and Benefits

Tata Sky has revised its broadband plans; the 25 Mbps monthly plan now costs Rs 900 as compared to Rs 999 earlier. Similarly, the 50 Mbps monthly plan now costs Rs 1,000 from the initial Rs 1,249. The third 100 Mbps broadband plan that cost Rs 1,599 was now available for Rs 1,100 following the revision. The move from Tata Sky comes thanks to the entry of Reliance Jio, which has intensified the competition in the broadband space.

The three Tata Sky broadband plans with monthly rentals of Rs 900, Rs 1000 and Rs 1100 also offer exclusive benefits to customers opting for long-term plans. For instance, Tata Sky offers a free router and free installation benefits to customers opting for 3-month subscription plans. Tata Sky is also offering an additional discount to the subscribers opting for 6-months and 12-months unlimited broadband plans. For example, opting for a 6-month subscription of these unlimited plans gives a 10% instant discount on the rental. Similarly, Tata Sky is offering a 15% instant discount on the rental for customers opting for an annual subscription of these broadband plans. This is in addition to the free router and free installation benefits that are offered to the subscribers. However, Tata Sky does not offer any data rollover facility with these plans.

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Besides unlimited broadband plans, Tata Sky also offers fixed GB data plans of varying denominations. Tata Sky offers similar benefits like a free router and free installation as offered for long term fixed GB broadband plans. Besides, the broadband provider also offers a data  rollover facility to subscribers of fixed GB plans. It is interesting to note that subscribers opting for even monthly fixed GB rental plans can avail data rollover facility.