Sony Xperia Smartphone with Six Rear Cameras Reportedly in the Works

The growing dependence of the new generation on the superficial factors of society has led to a constant battle of enhancing cameras in the smartphone industry.

A mobile photographer’s perfect paradise

The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom came up with three cameras, the Galaxy Note 10 Pro is said to debut with four and the latest Nokia 9 Pure View is leading the race with five dazzling cameras. Although, as per the recent leaks it is expected that Sony might just play a trump card and take over the market.

As per Max J, who is known for his credible tips on the latest Samsung leaks, Sony is planning to release a new phone with a whopping six rear cameras. The following render that he posted is not an accurate glimpse of the upcoming smartphone. However, it is expected that the phone will have two radiant selfie cameras as well.

Notably, there is no official announcement regarding the same but as per the recent trend, one camera is expected to have a telephoto camera accompanied by a different super-wide-angle camera. The other cameras are debated to include Time-of-Flight and low light focusing sensors.

Furthermore, due to no official release notice, the phone may arrive in late 2019 or probably 2020.


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  1. OKAYYY, now this is a huge shot!! Thank you so much, Sony for such an amazing Camera, I’ll be waiting for it so eagerly.

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