Sneak Peak into Huawei’s upcoming Mate 30, 5G phone from Huawei

huawei mate 30

Huawei has recently launched two new smartphones dubbed P30 and P30 Pro which are top-notch phones when you consider their price points. As the war for phone supremacy intensifies, companies like Huawei is trying to stay ahead of the curve. They are already working on two new models named as Huawei Mate 20 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

In a recent press release in Malaysia, the company spokesperson along with English translator mentioned about a new model Huawei Mate 30. The timeline for the testing as mentioned turns out to be around 5-6 months. That puts the launch date sometime in September – October.

However, there were no mention of the specs related to Mate 30, but Indiashopps guestimates that it will be a 5G phone. Most likely Huawei Mate 30 will be powered by Kirin 985 chipset. We do expect the further details to surface in the due course of time. Stay tuned to IndiaShopps for all the latest updates.