ShareChat to Launch Jeet11 Online Fantasy Sports Platform to Take on Dream11

ShareChat Jeet 11
Image: Entrackr

ShareChat is all set to foray into the fantasy sports ecosystem in India. The social networking app has developed a fantasy sports platform dubbed “Jeet11”. As of now, the Jeet11 is not available for download on Google Play. ShareChat is currently distributing it through Xiaomi’s GetApp App store and the Jeet11 website. It allows users to bet on both cricket and football matches.

Jeet11 App: Everything You Need to Know

The fantasy sports gaming ecosystem has succeeded in garnering the attention and engagement of a large number of users. In a crazy cricket nation like India, the business has grown many folds and has tasted instant success. Currently, Dream 11 and Mobile Premier league are the major players in the ecosystem. Here users create a team and earn points based on the performance of their chosen players in real-life matches. The players with maximum points at the end of the game are eligible for cash rewards. The fantasy sports are completely dependent on user skills as well as sports-based knowledge. 

Similar to ShareChat, the Jeet11 app will be available across 13 vernacular languages. Apart from English and Hindi, the app would be available to users across various regional languages. They include Bangla, Marathi, Gujarathi, Rajasthani, to name a few. Even though the Supreme Court has classified it as a skill-based game, many states have banned fantasy sports betting. In such a scenario, the Jeet11 app restricts users of such states from using the platform. Although ShareChat does have a large number of the user base (60-plus million user base), it failed on the monetization front. The Jeet11 could be an excellent opportunity to gain monetary benefits by leveraging its massive user base. Currently, the Jeet11 app has more than 1,20,000 registered users. 

Current Scenario of Fantasy Sports in India

According to the report, the Jeet11 app is currently in an experimental phase, and a full roll-out of the app depends on the response from the users. Although the fantasy sports ecosystem looks lucrative from the outset, the user engagement still remains a challenge. It would be interesting to see how Jeet11 would compete with its rival players like Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League (MPL), once it is fully operational.