Samsung Galaxy A70s is going to have the world’s first 64MP sensor

samsung galaxy a70

Samsung launched the Galaxy A70 smartphone with 32-megapixel front and rear cameras in the month of March. New reports from South Korea reported that Samsung will be planning to launch Samsung Galaxy A70s, the successor of Galaxy A70 with the world’s first 64MP sensor later this year.

The Galaxy A70s will be using new ISOCELL Bright GW1 technology that was launched earlier this month. It is a 0.8-micrometer pixel image sensor, very similar to the company’s 48MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1, but it has Pixel-merging Tetra cell technology and mosaic algorithm which offers 16MP images in a low-light area where four pixels are joined to work as one to increase light sensitivity and highly detailed 64MP shots in brighter settings.

It also has a dual conversion gain that converts the light received into electric signals, according to the illumination of the environment. Also, it delivers sharper results through Super PD, a high-performance phase detection with auto-focus technology.