Samsung confirms the launch of Galaxy Fold, says most issues are resolved

It has been a couple of weeks when there were reports regarding the launch of the much-awaited Galaxy Fold, which was said to relaunch in coming weeks. Now, Samsung has confirmed that the premium folding device is all set for the market, and most of the issues related to the display of the device have been resolved. But once again, the company did not reveal any exact date for the launch, which might be disappointing for its willing buyers.

Galaxy Fold

Recently, Samsung’s Vice President Kim-Seong-Cheol has confirmed that list of the display issues, which resulted in the delay of the launch of the Galaxy Fold has been resolved and it is ready to hit the market. According to The Investor, Samsung executive also said at a conference, which was organized by The Korean Information Display Society in Seoul on June 18 that “Most of the display problems have been ironed out, and the Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market.” However, when the 3company stressed the word ‘most issue,’ it can be assumed that some things are still left because of which it did not mention a specific date.

To recall, Galaxy Fold was initially set to launch in the month of April but owing to the surprisingly negative reviews of the device based on its promotional units, the launch was delayed. After postponing the launch, the company said that it would announce a new launch date. A few weeks ago, the company was again reported to reveal the launch date in ‘coming weeks’ but there was no mention of a date, which could be expected anytime sooner.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is undoubtedly the company’s most awaited smartphone that falls in the premium category with a folding display being its major highlight. It is worth notable that Samsung Display is the leading supplier of the folding screen and is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. The company has also asserted that it has very high expectation from Galaxy Fold. It has also said that the device would receive a lot of attention in the market once released. While there were reports, which suggested that the launch date could be expected within weeks, the company stated that the device would be reintroduced before the end of July. Hence, Fold can be expected within a month.

Apparently, Samsung will have to overshadow the previous issues that happened with the folding display. For this, it will have to make sure that all the issues with the device have been successfully fixed and that it will function with any glitch.