Samsung A80 shows the real zing with swivel camera

Samsung A80 swivel pop up camera

We have got a couple of small videos showing the new flip cameras of Samsung A80. As we reported earlier, it will be a pop-up selfie camera. However, to our surprise, there is only one set of cameras which doubles up as a rear camera and also as a pop-up selfie camera. This is interestingly smart from Samsung.

Almost all the time, both the front and the rear cameras have separate specifications. This makes things different as phone manufacturers tend to focus on the cameras like “Selfie Phone” etc. Apart from different megapixels and F stops, even the internal image processing software is different. Hence, the same picture that is taken from both the cameras (rear and front) would always be different.

Pop up & Swivel camera for Samsung A80

For Samsung A80, the company has changed all that. They have smartly used the swivel case to move the set of cameras from rear to front. As for taking photos, there is a small symbol to switch cameras from rear to front & vice versa. The moment the user touches on switching the camera, then all the cameras will swivel back and forth to the desired place.

Now, with this feature, the same set of cameras, pixels, F stops, sensors, software, etc., are being used both the time. For selfies, there is not much distance between camera & subject which would be handled at the software level at the time of processing the final pic.

Pop up & Swivel camera for Samsung A80

This is much of a jazz factor for Indian consumers to show-off !!!