Reliance Jio on Track to Bring UPI Payment Apps to its Feature Phones

Reliance Jio UPI Apps Feature Phones

Reliance Jio is currently in talks with the National Payment Corporation of India to bring UPI apps on Jio feature phones. This partnership would be a major boost to the digital payment ecosystem in India. UPI currently has about a hundred million users, and after WhatsApp Pay goes live, the number of UPI users are further going to increase. According to the source, jio has already started working with the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) for the same. As a result, it creates a massive reach for payment apps like Google Pay and Phone Pe. The integration of the UPI app onto Jio’s feature phones enhances the UPI transactions in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 cities. 

Jio to bring UPI apps on to its Feature Phones

As per the latest reports, Reliance Jio has an estimated 388 million subscribers, and a majority of them do possess Jio Phones. However, unlike Android and iOS, Jio Phones run on KaiOS, which is quite different. NPCI manages UPI, Is now looking for ways to increase the adoption of UPI as the value as well as its adoption has decreased during the April period. It can be mainly attributed to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

As per the source, Jio seems to be working with the NPIC library. The library brings in a payments screen wherein the user enters the password to complete the transaction. The source also points out that Jio needs to build a library through a separate NPIC owing to the different operating systems (KaiOS). This comes at a time when the UPI has been experiencing a significant downfall. Many of the retail shops are shut owing to the lockdown leading to a decrease in the number of UPI transactions. 

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Jio offers a plethora of apps on feature phones such as JioSaavn, JioTV, MyJio, JioXpressNews, JioCinema, JioVideoCall, JioPay, and JioGames. Also, it supports some of the other popular apps such as YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp.