Reliance Jio to Launch Jio Krishi App to Enable Farmers Take Data-driven Decisions, Help Usage of Pesticides

Jio Krishi App

Reliance Jio is now gearing up to launch the farmers-centric app dubbed Jio Krishi. The app, as indicated in the Google Play, is under Early Access. The Jio Krishi app aims to help farmers in making data-driven decisions in irrigation and pest management. Reliance Jio is currently the second-largest telecom operator in the country. The company has captured a major chunk of the customer base in the rural as well as urban sector. Mukesh Ambani has earlier emphasized that agriculture, healthcare, and education would be the next avenues of growth for Reliance industries. Now, it appears that Reliance Jio is all set to foray into the agriculture sector, which accounts for 15% of the country’s GDP. With Reliance Jio having a fair share of rural telecom customers, the Jio Krishi app is likely to witness increased adoption after its launch. 

Jio Krishi App: Everything You Need to Know

Jio Krishi app is included in the Early Access collection and may take a while before it is released to the broader audience. The app offers precision farming practices to the farmers simply and affordably. After the farmer inputs the details related to their crop, the app generates analytics and assists, farmers, in making accurate data-driven decisions. 

Pest Alert: 

The pests are the major contributors to the crop loss. Many seasonal pests infect the crops from time to time and cause unbearable losses to the farmers. The Jio Krishi app alerts the farmers from time to time about the possible seasonal pests regularly. The app also offers clear images of the crop loss infested by the pests so that the farmers can compare it with their crops. Once confirmed, they can then proceed with the requisite fertilizers and pesticides to minimise the losses due to pests. 

Irrigation alert: 

The timely water supply through artificial means (irrigation) to the crops is pivotal for the cultivation of superior crops. Irrigation enhances the water conditions in the soil, constitutes the water component of plant fibers, and also makes the dissolved nutrients available to the plants. The Jio Krishi app sends timely alerts to the farmers and helps them to keep their crops hydrated all the time.

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Besides, the Jio Krishi app offers critical insights and also makes future predictions to help farmers make successful data-driven decisions. The app was added to the Google Play library on January 31, 2020. As of now, not many details are available about the app. We expect more details to surface in the coming days, once it is released to the broader audience.