Redmi Budget Smartphones will No Longer Get MIUI Beta ROM Update

Xiaomi produces smartphones that run on their own version of Android MIUI firmware. It brings new features without taking into consideration the Android version because the update cycle of MIUI is different from that of Android. Also, beta plays a significant role by bringing new functionality to MIUI. With the help of beta, new features make their way from closed beta to the open beta and then to the stable channel and users’ feedback. But Xiaomi has now announced a new plan which suggests that focus will be on beta ROMs only for the new smartphones and the budget devices will be removed out of the program.

Xiaomi has decided that from July 5th, it will be limiting MIUI betas only to the smartphones which are less than a year old. Therefore, smartphones that turn a year old will be automatically drawn out of beta testing and hence such smartphones will only be receiving updates related to the stable version of MIUI. However, this decision is not going to impact the development of stable versions of MIUI for Xiaomi or Redmi devices.

Subsequently, under this decision, Xiaomi will also suspend MIUI betas for the entry-level Redmi smartphones. Though the devices to be suspended have not been mentioned, we expect that this may entail the likes of the recently launched Redmi 7A or the Redmi 7.  Moreover, Xiaomi assures that the stable updates for the entry-level smartphones will not be affected.

Redmi Budget Smartphones will No Longer Get MIUI Beta ROM Update

In April, Xiaomi made an announcement related to the cancellation of Android Pie updates for the entry-level smartphones of 2018 – the Redmi 6 and the Redmi 6A. The latest announcement can be treated as a follow-up to the notification released in April. The company cited a lack of beta testers for the cancellation, which probably can be relevant to the latest announcement.

The company might probably be withdrawing some of its attention from smartphones that generate lesser value. The same attention can be invested into the segment of affordable flagships like the Redmi K20 series.

Notably, the changes in MIUI beta update policy apply to Redmi devices in China, but similar developments for other regions or global variants of Redmi devices are still expected to be released.