Realme 5G Phone Confirmed to Launch in 2019

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People were left astounded last month when Realme disclosed that they will be launching 5G smartphones in India. Although, it was a gamble to guess if the phones would be available in 2019 or 2020.

Realme CEO Madhav Sheth took Twitter as the announcing platform and revealed that the 5G devices will be out in the market by this year itself. Changing his handle name to Madhav 5G he used the hashtag #5Gisreal to tweet that Realme has plans to bring the 5G mobile phones “globally”.

As the Indian market has a growing customer base, Realme is eager to bring its latest devices to India.

Hypothesis: Will Realme X be upgraded to a 5G model?

Mobile operators are getting closer to lighting up their 5G towers, and viewers can’t help but speculate if Realme will decide to make a 5G variant of the Realme X and perhaps name it the Realme X “Pro”.

Realme X is the company’s latest phone. It comes with Snapdragon 710, 8GB of RAM, a dual-camera setup with a 48MP camera and a 5MP depth sensor. It flaunts a 6.53-inch screen with an edge-to-edge display and a pop-up selfie camera. It is expected to launch in India in the coming months.

Realme 5G Phone

A rookie or an underdog?

Compared to colossal companies like Apple and Samsung, Realme is a relatively new player in the smartphone market. It has marked its presence in China, Taiwan, and India with the motive of expanding its reach in other Southeast Asian markets. It also ideating upon expanding to Europe promptly.

With the cutthroat competition, the Chinese phone makers are using aggressive pricing and designing techniques. While the producers are racing neck to neck, the consumers have taken a comfortable backseat as they cherish the options being presented to them.