Google Pixel 4 Camera Likely to Come with P3 Wide Gamut Colour Capture Like Apple iPhones

Google announced the support that will be given to wide color photos for Android device at Google I/O 2019. As per the rumors, the Google Pixel 3 was expected to come with P3 wide-color gamut, but that did not happen. However, now according to a new finding, Google Pixel 4 might come up with the Google Camera App. Right now, all the phones capture and display images in the older sRCB color space because the Android does not support the P3 color gamut yet.

The camera sensors and the display on most of the new Android smartphones support P3 color gamut but not the camera and photo apps because it is very difficult to add the code. However, this will change with the release of Google Pixel 4. A senior XDA Developers member recently found the code that enables wide color gamut photo capture. The XDA folks tested it and were able to find the difference in image quality.

The photos captured by the P3 color gamut include colors that are outside the range of sRGB. Till now, only iPhones capture and display images in P3 color gamut. P3 color gamut mode pictures show 25% more colors. This feature has been supported by all the Apple phones after the iPhone 7. However, the photos shared from an iPhone 7 to an Android device will not show the richer colors. Also, Google Pixel 4 will feature a dual-rear camera with more advanced features as compared to the previous models.

Google Pixel 4

Price, Launch of the Google Pixel 4

Expected Price: Rs 72,990

Release Date: 10/10/2019 (expected)

Variant: 6GB RAM + 128GB internal storage

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