OnePlus TV Tipped to Launch Soon


In September last year, the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau announced the OnePlus TV development. However, no release date has been revealed until now.

The OnePlus TV is expected to launch soon although the plans were announced last year. However, since then, the Shenzhen-based Chinese company has not released any further details. Also, the upcoming TV will bring a total connected experience and will offer a premium flagship TV  experience out-of-the-box to the buyers. The arrival of the OnePlus TV will, however, bring competition for the Xiaomi’s Mi TV lineup. Xiaomi has gained huge popularity in Indian and Chinese markets because of its affordable offerings with respect to the Android TV operating system.

Also, the details of OnePlus’s plan for the launch have not been specified for Indian or global markets. No specifications have come out about the price or the features either. Since it will be a premium TV, hence we cannot expect a very affordable price.

Last year, OnePlus also tool registrations to choose an official name for the TV product to be launched that is now internally called the OnePlus TV. Formal debut of the product is still awaited.


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  1. The OnePlus TV is expected to launch soon, and once again ONEPLUS is already on top of the Hype List! Trying to expand the operations, ONEPLUS has come up with exciting new things in the near future! Stay tuned for more amazing news.


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