OnePlus may release Android 10-based Oxygen OS update on the same day as Google

One Plus 7 Pro

In a bit of exciting news, OnePlus is actually gearing up to roll out the latest Oxygen OS-OTA update inline with the Android 10 launch for Google Pixel devices on September 3. It might sound rather bizarre at first glance, as one would expect OnePlus to take a few days to optimise and stabilize its Oxygen OS after the release of Android 10. But according to the screenshot of a conversation posted by a user on the Reddit forum, this indeed might be true. 

Release date of Android 10

Details Revealed from the ScreenShot posted on Reddit forum

The user claims that the chat happened between him and OnePlus support agent, and the agent did confirm that OnePlus would roll the Oxygen OS 10 update on the same day as the Android 10 release for Pixel devices. As evident from the screenshot posted on Reddit, OnePlus support agent confirmed the final release of Android 10 to happen on September 3. The support agent further confirmed that the users will also be notified regarding the update on their device as well as on the official website. Until now, only “Essential” holds the distinction of releasing the Android Pie update in line with Google. Now it seems, OnePlus is going to be the second company to do so if the claims happen to be true. Although the authenticity of the conversation cannot be verified,  the user who posted the screenshot promises to share additional chat conversations he had with the OnePlus support agent if needed.

OnePlus devices that would receive Android 10 based Oxygen OS update

Whatever may be the case, If OnePlus happens to pull this off, then the company clearly stays well ahead of the pack. Currently, both OnePlus 6/OnePlus 6 Pro and OnePlus 7/OnePlus 7 Pro are part of Android Q beta testing. Hence, it is evitable that both the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 7 series would receive the latest Oxygen OS update (preferably dubbed Oxygen OS 10 OTA). OnePlus has earlier shipped OnePlus 7 with a stable Oxygen OS 9.5, which is an incremental upgrade of Android 9 Pie. Hence the latest Android 10 OS update may be named as Oxygen OS 10 by the company.