Olafoods Enhances its Safety Measures Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

olafoods Launch in 6 Cities India

Ola has announced its new safety and hygiene measures in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. The company has sent a mail to Ola customers about the upgraded safety measures at Olafoods. The move from the ride-sharing company comes amid Covid-19 lockdown, wherein the people of the entire country are forced to stay indoors. With safety and hygiene being the top priority, the Olafoods has three major brands, Khichdi Experiment, Partha Experiment, and BowlSome, to deliver the best quality food to the customers. Olafoods is currently operating through a network of 40 kitchens across six states in the country.

Olafoods Upgrades its Safety Measures: Complete Details.

The Covid-19 is taking a toll on the daily lives of the people in India as the government has imposed a lockdown across the country. Olafoods now aims to provide quality and hygienic food to the people during the lockdown period. 

On this ocassion, Ola did confirm that they would adopt stringent measures and quality checks across Khichdi Experiment, Partha Experiment, and BowlSome. In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, Olafoods has enhanced its operating practices to ensure safety and hygiene. The company has detailed the measures that it takes to improve the quality and safety of the food. They have even partnered with FSSAI food auditors to facilitate best-in-class execution. Some of the enhanced operating practices include: 

Temperature Checks: 

Olafoods ensure to conduct temperature checks for all its staff before they enter into the kitchen facility.

Kitchens Sanitisation

The kitchens are sanitised and deep cleaned frequently to prevent the risk of any infection. The cookware, knives, tabletops, and chopping boards are sanitised every four hours.

Staff Hygiene: 

All the staff members of Olafoods are provided with masks to cover their mouth, and further, it has revised the frequency of handwash to 30 minutes

Packaging and Delivery

Olafood employs tamper-proof packaging for food safety and follows additional protocols to ensure that the food is safe for consumption. When it comes to food delivery, the company carries daily temperature checks and are hand santitised before they pick up the order.