Netflix launches a mobile-only streaming plan in India at $3/month

Netflix has launched a mobile-only version of its streaming service in India that will cost $3 or Rs 199 for a month. This new plan is valid for one synchronous stream and will work with Android and iOS devices. The company has also said that users will be able to watch content at Standard Definition (SD) video quality. Prior to this, Netflix had confirmed its plan of launching a mobile-only version in India. It has also hinted that it would test the service in some of the select countries.

Ajay Arora, director of Innovation at Netflix has said “Our members in India watch more on their mobiles than members anywhere else in the world- and they love to download our shows and films. We believe this new plan will make Netflix even more accessible and better suit people who like to watch on their smartphones and tablets—both on the go and at home.”

Last week, data of Netflix’s Q2 earning had revealed that the streaming service has only 2.7 million paid users globally, which is about half of the users forecasted to have at this point. Also, the stock of Netflix is dropped over the past week, which indicates chances of company’s decreasing business.

The cheapest subscription of Netflix in India was Rs 450 ($6.54) hitherto, which offered video quality of SD resolution and single-screen viewing. However, the latest plan stands relatively cheaper and with this, Netflix can expect more subscribers from level 2 and level 3 towns in the country.

There is no hint if Netflix will launch a similar plan in the US but if the subscriber’s growth continues to stay at a slow pace, then Netflix would be forced to look for similar ways in order to keep users hooked to its streaming platform. Apparently, Netflix’s plan is still more expensive than its competitors such as Hotstar and Amazon Prime. Both apps offer streaming services for Rs 999 ($14.5) annually.