Netflix India Offers Basic HD Video Streaming to Mobile and Basic Plan Users, Full HD for Standard Plans

Netflix Upgrades Video Streaming Qualities of Mobile Basic and Standard Plans

Mobile and Basic Plan users can Watch the Content at High Definition (HD) 720p media streaming Quality Netflix has upgraded the streaming video quality of both its Mobile as well as its Basic plans. With this move, the subscribers of both the plans would be able to view High Definition (HD) 720p media streaming quality at no additional cost. At the same time, it has also upgraded the streaming quality of the standard plan to Full HD 1080p streaming quality. Meanwhile, there is no change in the premium plan and continues to offer 4K+HDR streaming quality.

Netflix Upgrades Video Streaming Qualities of Basic, Mobile, and Standard Plans

The subscribers of both the Netflix mobile and Basic plans would be able to watch their favorite entertainment shows at HD streaming quality of 720p. Earlier, both the plans offered standard definition (SD) streaming quality. The Netflix mobile plan is priced at Rs 199 and works only on smartphones or mobile tablet devices. It is important to note that under the Mobile plan, subscribers would be able to watch one screen at a time. The system requirements include Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher for Android devices and iOS 12.0 or higher for iOS devices. Further, to watch the Netflix content at 720p or higher, Android devices must have Widevine L2 or L1 certification.

The Basic Plan, on the other hand, costs Rs 499 per month and now offers content at HD video streaming quality of 720p. The subscribers can watch on laptops, smartphone or tablet devices. Similar to the Mobile plan, they would be able to watch only one screen at a time. The Netflix Standard plan that is offered at Rs 649 now offers Full HD 1080p media streaming quality as opposed to the earlier 720p HD video streaming quality. The plan allows subscribers to watch the content at Full HD 1080p on two devices simultaneously.

There is no change in the Netflix premium plan which is offered at Rs 799. The plan offers 4K+HDR streaming quality and users can watch up to four devices simultaneously. The company also seems to be testing an introductory subscription offer of Rs 5 for the first 30 days. However, the offer is only available to the new and former members in India.