Mi Health app is the new health and fitness app from Xiaomi and is available in beta in China

Mi health app

The Chinese brand, Xiaomi has developed its own health and fitness app named “Mi Health,” and it is now available in beta in China. It is probably the company’s second fitness app following the Mi Fit app that is already available in the Google Play and App store. Many companies do produce their versions of the popular apps in Google Play, and Xiaomi is no different! Xiaomi has its brand of custom Mi branded apps inside MIUI. 

If you are looking to download the Mi Health app right now, then it is not possible as it is only available in MIUI China developer 9.7.23 beta build. If you happen to be running the latest MIUI, then you can download it as a regular system app, but it is not possible for non-Xiaomi devices. Thanks to the XDA developer Kacskrz, we do have the screenshots of the latest MIUI beta build. From the screenshots, the app does offer visual details of the physical activity by various durations such as day, week, and month. 

mi health app

Features of the new Mi Health app

The new fitness-oriented app, Mi Health, seems to be synonymous in function to the other fitness focussed apps. The Mi Health app offers basic functionalities similar to other fitness apps and includes step count, sleep time, and duration tracking. Apart from this, the new fitness app does have additional functionalities. They include sleep time, tracking sleep in the background, monitor menstruation cycles, and also lets you set the starting date in the calendar. Mi Health app also lets you set exercise goals and also gives the relevant scores based on the activity. The app also recommends you to increase goals, in case you happen to reach them.  

The Mi Health app comes in handy for usage, particularly in countries like China, where Google products and services are blocked. The smartphones from Chinese brands do have their apps developed as a substitute for the already existing apps in Google Play. Xiaomi might soon release Mi Health app in Google Play.