Meizu 17 to Come with 5G Support, Hands-on Images Leaked

Meizu 17

Meizu 16s has just arrived in China and now there seems to be another big news from Meizu regarding its upcoming flagship phone, the Meizu 17. 5G is the most talked and hailed technology in 2019 and Meizu is nowhere behind in bringing 5G to its flagship phones. Yes, the Meizu 17 will ship with 5G support and could be released later this year.

At the China Unicom Partner Conference, Meizu showcased its Meizu 17 smartphone and came up with a slogan “to meet the 5G new era, Meizu 17 is coming”. According to leaked images, the Meizu 17 design is very similar to the “Zero” which is a non-porous phone that was failed before crowdfunding. Huang Zhang during the Meizu Zero crowdfunding program said that the non-porous mobile phone is only a pre-research project. So, we cannot rule out that Meizu 17 will adopt a design similar to Zero.

Meizu could announce the official news of the Meizu 17 in the second half of 2019. We can also expect the phone to have a standard 4G version and a 5G version.