Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition (Lite) officially announced, to be equipped with ultra-high precision dual-frequency GPS

lenovo z6 lite

Lenovo announced Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition through its official Weibo account. According to the teaser shared by the company, the Lenovo Z6 Youth aka Lenovo Z6 Lite is teased to be equipped with ultra-high precision dual-frequency GPS. The slogan written on the image reads “to make good positioning accurate into reality” which almost certainly meant that the phone would be equipped with a dual-frequency GPS positioning system. The dual-frequency GPS offers improved accuracy, which means better street navigation.

Xiaomi Mi 8 is the first smartphone to sport a dual-frequency GPS. Compared with single-frequency GPS smartphones, dual-frequency GPS smartphones support dual-frequency positioning using the L1 frequency band of 1575.42MHz and the L5 frequency band of 1176.45MHz. Since the ionosphere has different effects on the signals of the two frequency bands L1 and L5, the dual-frequency GPS mobile phone can eliminate the error caused by the ionosphere by calculating the delay of the two signals without relying on other factors.

Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition is likely to equip dual-frequency Beidou high-precision navigation positioning SoC chip, HD8040. HD8040 SoC is said to be the world’s first multi-system, multi-frequency and high-precision chip to support the new-gen of Beidou No. 3 signal system. Lenovo and Shenzhen Huada Beidou Technology Co., Ltd announced the partnership for the same on April 30.

Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition could be the first mid-range smartphone to equip the dual frequency navigation/GPS.

When will Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition Launch in China?

Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition is expected to be launched on May 22. Lenovo Group Vice President yesterday teased about a new launch on May 22 which could be for the Lenovo Z6 Youth Editon.

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