Jio Fiber Allows Making Free Voice Calls Using Fixed Landline Voice Number Via JioCall App on Six Smartphones

jio fixedlandline free voice calls

With Jio FixedVoice Landline service, users can now make free voice calls on up to six smartphones via the Jio call app using a single JioFixedVoice number. For this, users need to set up a JioFixed number on their smartphones. Also, the users need to ensure that all six smartphones with the JioCall app (previously Jio4GVoice) are connected to JioFiber router to make and receive calls. For those unaware, the JioCall mobile app is present on both Google Play and App Store and acts as an alternate dialler on smartphones.

How to make free voice calls on smartphones using the JioCall app?

Users need to download the free JioCall app from either Google Play or App Store. They need to register on the JioCall app using the ten-digit JioFixedVoice landline number. For setting up the JioCall application, users will be offered with three options: a Jio 4G SIM card, Jio Fixed landline service, and landline connection. Users who lack a VoLTE connection on their smartphone can choose the first option. To make voice calls through the JioFi number, users can select the second option and finally if the users own JioFixed Voice service they can choose the third option. After selecting the desired option, the users need to tap on SSID to register. Then an OTP would be sent to the JioFiber registered mobile number. After entering the OTP number, the users can then make unlimited free calls from their smartphones. However, it should be noted that the smartphone needs to be connected to JioFiber router for making and receiving calls. Likewise, the users can register and make free calls from up to six smartphones using a single JioFixedVoice number.

About Jio FixedVoice Landline service and procedure for activation on My Jio app

The Mukesh Ambani-led telco has launched the Jio FixedVoice a few weeks before the AGM. It is the telco’s landline calling service and comes bundles with Jio GigaFiber broadband service. Users opting for Jio GigaFiber broad plans can make unlimited calls using the land phone which is provided by the company. For this, users need to activate JioFixed landline calling services via MyJio app. Initially, users need to download the MyJio app from either Google Play or the App Store. Next, the users have to log into the MyJio app using the JioFiber registered mobile number. Then with the assistance of the onscreen steps, it is quite easy to activate voice calling service.