Idea USSD Codes List to Check Account Balance, Data, Best Offers, and More

Idea USSD Codes List

Idea cellular is one of the most popular networks in India and offers 2G, 3G and 4G networks in urban as well as rural areas. After its merger with Vodafone, it was renamed as Vodafone Idea Limited and emerged as the leading telecom operator in the country. Vodafone Idea has surpassed other rival players like Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel in terms of subscriber base. In case, if you happen to be an Idea user, you might have come across a situation to check the account balance, data balance, validity check, activation and deactivation of services and more. You can get the relevant details by using the Idea USSD codes. These codes are prevalent and used by the Idea prepaid subscribers to get the relevant details about their prepaid number balance, usage details, and more. Besides this, the USSD codes can be used to get details like best offers, 2G,3G,4G net balance, night packs, recharge offers, and many more. It is not possible to remember all the USSD codes. Hence, we have listed down all the latest USSD codes of Idea Cellular for your reference. 

Idea USSD codes and their Details

USSD Codes


*131*3# Main Balance Check Code
*121# Idea Balance Check Code
*131*1 # Number Check Code
*125# Net Balance Check Code
*121*4*1*5# Last Recharge Check Code
*121*4# Self Care Menu Code
*131*3# USSD Idea Talk time Balance Check Code
*131*1# Own Number Check Code
*121*4# Main Menu USSD code
*131*3# Account Balance Check USSD Code
*121# Best Offer Check Code
*122# Best Internet Offer Check USSD Code
*121*4*1*1# Last 5 Calls Details Check Code
*121*4*1*5# Last 3 Recharge Check USSD Code
*150*10# Talk time Loan USSD Code
*131*1# My Own Number Check USSD Code
*121*4*1*4#  Number check USSD Code
*121*4*1*2#  Last 5 SMS Detail Check Code
*121*4*1*3# Last 5 Data Usage Check Code
*121*4*2*1#  Data Notification Start USSD Code

Data Notification Stop USSD Code
*121*4*3*1#3G Internet Plan Detail USSD Codes
*121*4*3*2#2G  Internet Plan Detail USSD Codes
*121*4*3*1# and proceed to1 Zero Rental

*121*4*3*2# and

 proceed to 1

GPRS Setting Check Code
*121*4*4*1# Codes Dialler Tone Check USSD
*121*4*4*2#  Dialler tones USSD Check Code
*121*4*4*3#  Dial tones Check Code
*121*4*4*4#  MCI Info Check USSD Code
*121*4*4*5#  VAS Services Check USSD Code
*121*4*5#  Store Check USSD Codes

Festive Days Check Codes
*121*4*6*3#  Activation Date Check code Check
*121*4*6*4# BAR Service Check USSD Code
*121*4*6*5# DND Service Check USSD Code
*121*4*6*6#  My Offers Check Code
*121*4*7*1#  Roaming Charges Check Code
*121*4*7*6#  International Roaming Packs USSD Code
*121*4*8*1#  Full Talk time Recharge USSD Code

STD Recharge USSD Code
*369#  Idea Local Minute Pack
*161*1#  Idea SMS Balance

Idea Balance Transfer
*123#  Idea Value Added Service
*129#  Idea Dialler Tone
*333*5#  Idea Missed Call Alert Activation


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Idea SMS Based Check Codes and their Details

Idea USSD codes come in handy for Idea subscribers to get a wide range of network-related services for their number. Idea Cellular also offers SMS based self-care, wherein the Idea subscribers can know accurate information related to their queries. All a user needs to do is type in the corresponding query and send a message to the relevant number. Below you can find the SMS based check codes and their details.

SMS Based Check Codes Details
ACT 3G to 12345 Activate Idea 3G service
DEACT 3G Deactivate 3G Idea Service
FRESH to 4666 Activate Idea GPRS service
ICREDIT to 144 Data Loan
UNSUBONDCKT to 56456 Deactivate Idea Cricket Service
SMS 3GTV to 54777 Idea Live TV Service
START to 1909 Activate Idea DND service
STOP to 1909 Deactivate Idea DND service
SET to 12345 Activate Idea Live TV service