Huawei’s New Operating System Will Be Unveiled in August Or September: Global Times Report

Huawei Hongmeng OS

After facing a ban in the US, Huawei is trying to develop its in-house operating system to take on Android, which is ruling the mobile operating system. A new report from Global Times says that Huawei is planning to unveil the new OS as early as August or September 2019. The news comes from Global Times, a daily Chinese tabloid newspaper quoting sources close to the matter. Huawei seems to be testing two versions of the OS – one for the Chinese market and the other for the international market. Global Times confirmed that Huawei will name it as “HongMeng OS” for China market and “Oak OS” for the overseas market. Based on the trademark filings, it was earlier thought that the OS for the international market will be called ArkOS.

Financial Times reported that
Google has warned Trump government that the ban for the company to update Android OS on Huawei’s smartphones, will prompt Huawei to develop its own operating system, which risks compromising US national interests.

Shortly after Google imposed the ban on Huawei, several US companies like Vodafone, Toshiba and Infineon decided to suspend operations with Huawei. If the new OS from Huawei can compete with Android OS in the US market, tough times will begin for Google.