Huawei Trademarks LiveFace, Meetime, LinkTime, Belink at EUIPO; Could be Related to HongMeng OS

Huawei seems to be striving hard to bring its in-house operating system despite the relationship with the US, which seems to be settled for the moment. Called HongMeng OS, the upcoming operating system from Huawei is said to replace Android in smartphones, TVs, tablets, laptops, IoT solutions, autonomous vehicles, and several other devices. At the time when people are talking about the OS, Huawei has filed several new trademarks at EUIPO, UKIPO offices. Spotted on the online trademark information platform TMView, the trademarks are related to chat, messages and calling services of telecommunications category. Let us have a look at all the trademarks that Huawei has filed.

Huawei on 3rd of July has filed the trademarks for the following names – LiveFace, Meetime, LinkTime, and Belink. As concerns that Huawei smartphones in the future will not be able to use Facebook and Google services is increasing, Huawei could be working on to bring rivals to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google. This step from Huawei will enable HongMeng to create a complete ecosystem, where Google and Facebook are no partners at all. But it is still a question mark about how users will receive the new HongMeng OS without Google and Facebook.

Huawei has scheduled Developer Conference 2019 (HDC 2019) in Dongguan, China between 9 and 11 August, where the company will likely announce various products and services including 5G and Internet of Things. At the same event, we expect Huawei could at least give a brief about the HongMeng OS.

Huawei claims that the HongMeng OS is ‘Very Likely’ faster than Android or iOS. Previous reports claim that the OS is 60 percent faster than Android. The company also claims that the OS has only processing delay of fewer than 5 Milliseconds.

Huawei seems to be aggressively moving its business across the world. Huawei claims to have won 50 5G contracts globally and is the world’s leading company in 5G technology.

Though hard to make a straight forward guess what these new names are actually meant for at this point in time, we strongly expect these new trademarks are used for the services in the HongMeng operating system. But, we recommend you to take this info with a pinch of salt till anything is out officially from Huawei.