Huawei to Spin-off Nova as a Sub-brand to Launch Nova Smartwatches, Wireless Headphones

Huawei Nova

Huawei seems to be spinning of Nova and bringing us a new brand like we have Honor. With the new Nova brand, Huawei will have two sub-brands under its umbrella. According to the popular Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station, Huawei Nova series will go independent and launch smartwatches and wireless headphones. We already have seen Honor and Huawei launching smartwatches and headphones on respective names.

We can see Huawei, Nova, and Honor targetting different audiences having interests in varied price ranges. Huawei mostly targets premium customers, while Honor reaches budget audiences. With the entry of the new Nova brand, Huawei seems to fill the gap between budget and high-end categories. Nova series of smartphones typically come with a mid-price range and have especially become popular in under $400 or Rs 30,000 or CNY 3000 price category.

The existing competition for Nova includes the likes of Realme, Redmi which already has a decently sized portfolio that includes headphones (both Realme and Redmi), LED TV (Redmi), smartwatches (both Realme and Redmi). With the brand’s increased focus to raise stake in the tech-lifestyle category, customers are spoiled of choices. Realme recently announced that it has a strong focus in the tech-lifestyle category and will soon launch smartwatches, VOOC power banks, and many more products in due time.

Redmi, on the other hand, has an aggressive approach compared to Realme. Immediately after spinning off from Xiaomi, the brand has launched power banks, TVs, Notebooks, and many more products. With the launch of Nova, the competition in the space is going to tighten up and technologies to advance.