Huawei Nova 5’s Kirin 810 Chipset Outscores Snapdragon 730 in AnTuTu Benchmark


Yesterday, Huawei announced the Nova 5 family of smartphones. Moreover, the vanilla model of the new series ushers a new in-house chipset – the Kirin 810. Also, the folks at Antutu got a hold of the Nova 5 and started testing it. The charts, however, were painted by a pretty nice picture of the midrange Kirin.

Qualcomm’s current best midrange SoC, the Kirin 710 is compared with the Snapdragon 730. The comparison shows that Kirin 710 is both a prominent leap for the in-house middle tier and also a concern for Qualcomm’s quick attention on the segment.

There is a 70% improvement by the Nova 5 over the old Kirin 710. The Nova 5 scored 237,000 points which are 13% higher than the average Snapdragon 730 results which were 210,000.

Subsequently, the GPU of the new chip is more powerful, posting 25% higher scores as compared to the Snapdragon’s along with a 3x improvement over the Kirin 710’s.


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