Huawei gets banned from using SD card


Huawei has been facing a tough time lately. First, it was banned by the US government for trading. Then, Google broke relations with Huawei which means that future smartphones and devices from the Chinese manufacturer would not be able to run Android or receive updates. The company did say that current devices will continue to get security updates and more but did not give any information on the future.

Following the ban from Google to Huawei, several other US-based companies also announced that they would no longer work with Huawei including ARM Holdings. Now, the SD Association has also confirmed that they have banned the Chinese company Huawei. 

The SD Association looks after the use of the SD card. The company recently confirmed that Huawei has been removed as a member. This means that the future Huawei smartphones will not be able to use microSD cards but the current Huawei devices that support microSD card will continue to work without any problem. This is very bad news for the company as most of Huawei’s phones come with microSD card support.