How to Record TV Shows on Tata Sky Binge+ and +HD Set-Top Boxes

Tata Sky Binge+ Set top Box

Tata Sky is the leading DTH service provider in the country and offers a comprehensive list of channels and platform services to its customers. The content distribution platform has brought in a new recording feature that lets users record their favorite TV shows and watch them later. Tata Sky offers five different models of Set-top boxes. They include the Tata Sky HD, Tata Sky SD, Tata Sky 4K, Tata Sky HD+, and Tata Sky Binge+. Among the five different models, only two set-top box models support the recording feature.

Tata Sky STB Models Supporting the Recording Feature

Of the available Tata Sky set-top boxes, only two of them support the Recording feature. They include the Tata Sky Binge+ and Tata Sky HD+ set-top boxes. The Binge+ is launched recently, and it is an Android TV device offering video content and satellite television. It costs Rs 5,999 for new subscribers, and the Tata Sky customers can avail it with a Rs 1000 cashback. On the other hand, the Tata Sky HD+ set-top box is the most expensive one and is priced at Rs 9,300 and ships with 500 HDD.

Step by Step Guide to record TV shows/serials on Tata Sky Binge+ and +HD Set-Top Boxes

The Tata Sky Recording service lets you record your favorite TV shows and enables you to watch them at a later time. Follow our step-by-step guide and start recording your favorite TV shows on the go. 

Step 1:

Press the Guide button present on the Tata Sky HD+ Remote control.

 Step 2:

Using the navigation controls, check for your favorite TV show

Step 3:

Once you find the show that you want to record, then click on the Record option. Then you can find two options; Record Event and Record series.

Step 4:

Click “Record Event,” if you want to record a single episode and click “Record series”, wherein you would be able to record all the episodes in the series. Recording automatically stops after the end of the show. 

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The new feature enables the users to watch the repeat telecast of their recorded shows at a convenient time. For this, the user needs to click the Plan option on the remote control. It displays an array of options, wherein you need to click the Recorded option. Then you can find a whole list of recorded shows, and you need to select the desired recording to watch it.