Hathway Broadband Plans Explained: Unlimited Data Without FUP, Upto 200 Mbps Speed

Hathway Broadband offering

Since Mukesh Ambani recently announced Reliance Jio’s Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service in the market. Now, all other telecommunication operators and broadband service providers are gearing up. Hathway being a key player in this segment, has leveraged its vast cable connectivity to provide broadband to its customers too. Interestingly, the majority stake of the company is owned by Reliance Jio itself. Since this merger, the company has started offering attractive broadband plans in major cities of India. Furthermore, some of them even come with unlimited FUP.

Hathway broadband plans in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, this broadband service provider offers six plans to its users, but all of them come with no FUP whatsoever. The “Hero plan” being the cheapest comes with a speed of 50 Mbps and is available for Rs 349 as a value subscription plan. Gold and Blast options are also available for Rs 399 and Rs 499 as monthly rental respectively. Similarly, other plans – “Super” offers 25 Mbps speed and costs Rs 349 or Rs 399 under different tiers. The Lightning plan features 75 Mbps speed with a monthly rental of Rs 349, Rs 399 and Rs 449 depending on the tier. Another 80 Mbps Rapid plan is priced at Rs 349, Rs Rs 399 and Rs 499 respectively.

Furthermore, Freedom plan with 100 Mbps speed is available for Rs 499, Rs 549 and Rs 599 for the three tiers. Finally, the Thunder plan with the highest speed (125Mbps) is priced at Rs 549, Rs 599, and Rs 649 for different tiers. Moreover, Hathway also half-yearly and annual subscription plans as well.

Hathway broadband plans in Kolkata

In Kolkata, the broadband service provider offers plans with a monthly FUP and no monthly FUP rental variants. The only plan in the Kolkata region without FUP is the Freedom 25 plan. Here, Hathway provides a Turbo 200 plan (200Mbps) which is available with 1000GB FUP data and a post FUP speed of 5 Mbps. This plan costs Rs 5,997 for three months, Rs 11,994 for half a year, and Rs 23,988 for a year. Hathway also provides the HD Stream 150 plan (150 Mbps) and the Value 100 plan (100 Mbps).