Grofers Ventures into Fashion Segment, Starts Selling Clothing, Footwear, Watches and More

Image: RestaurantIndia

Online grocery delivery service, Grofers has now forayed into the fashion segment. The online retailer has started selling fashion products, footwear and accessories through its platform. As of now, the majority of offerings in the fashion segment are under Rs 1,000. The company promises to deliver its new fashion offerings across India within four to seven days. According to the report, Grofers have been doing pretty well and has been registering around 300-400 transactions per day in the newly added categories.

Grofers Starts Selling Fashion Products 

The Gurugram-based company has updated the website as well as its mobile application with the new inventory. The online retailer has a diverse collection of hand and shoulder bags, sling bags, and wallets. When it comes to clothing, Grofers features a decent collection of both Men and Women that include casual wear, T-shirts, kurtas, jeggings, sweatshirts to name a few. 

Gorfers Fashion

The SoftBank and Tiger Global backed company relies on private label strategy. It involves selling the products manufactured from one company under another company’s brand name. A major chunk of its offerings in the household, grocery, and other FMCG products are formed by private labels The scenario is quite different when it comes to the fashion segment. Currently, Grofers is depending on the third-party sellers for fashion products. The footwear and watches include a limited collection and the company is expected to add more inventory in the coming days.

Grofers, in the recent past, has started adding its in-house products to the local Kirana stores to enhance its revenue. In simpler terms, the online retailer has been modifying the local stores into Grofers branded stores. The company has been doing the same in NCR and other adjoining cities. It remains to be seen how Grofers would be able to sustain in this space amid the stiff competition from players such as Amazon, Walmart and Reliance Jio.