Google Officially Teases Pixel 4 Image Reveals Square Camera Bump, Dual Rear Cameras and No Fingerprint Scanner

google confirms pixel 4

Google’s getting witty with its responses, and we’re here for it!

Recently, renders of Google’s Pixel 4 leaked, giving rise to a number of speculations and rumors. Well, Google proved to be a good sport and responded cheekily with a witty tweet confirming the upcoming launch.

Google Officially Teases Pixel 4 Image
Google releases photos of Pixel 4

The tweet comes from Google’s official hardware-focused “Made by Google” Twitter account. The message, accompanied by a picture, is not a standard response expected from a formal PR team, but well, when has Google ever been shy of being unconventional?

With Google’s official picture, we can finally confirm a few of the early speculations which were made about the device. First, there’s a giant square camera set up. If the leaked renders of the iPhone 11 are to be believed, Google and Apple could have rather similar-looking devices— especially from the back.

This big camera block would be a change from Google’s current camera strategy. While competitors pile more and more rear cameras onto their devices, Google had stayed loyal to a single camera set up. It chose to give priority to image quality over lens gimmicks. We’ll have to wait and see whether this change proves to work in favor of the company.

Apart from this, an important revelation is what’s NOT on the back: a fingerprint sensor. The Pixel line has always supported a rear fingerprint sensor. Now, however, Google may be ready to jump on the latest smartphone biometrics trend and install an in-screen fingerprint sensor. There’s also the possibility that Google dumps fingerprint sensors entirely in favor of a face-based unlock method.

Currently, we can’t say with surety what the front portion of the phone will look like, but further information can be expected in the coming months. Stay tuned!