Fnatic Mode and RAM boost will be added in One plus 5/5T and 6/6T (Upgradations)

One plus 5/5T and 6/6T Comparisions
One plus 5/5T and 6/6T Comparisions

When a smartphone is launched it is given special importance for its design, body, and camera. Some people also give importance to the phone on its internal material like the processor and some people see the inbuilt software present on the phone. The smartphone company usually adds new software to their new phones, but OnePlus is not like other companies it has added its new software in its earlier OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T flagship smartphones which were the best killer mobiles of 2017-18.

The smartphone companies make these features exclusive on the new phone as it is easy to sell a phone which has a special feature on it. There are also some companies who don’t work like this and launch their special feature in their previous phone also and one plus is one of them.

The special features which are going to be added in OnePlus 5/5T and 6/6T are the following:

  • Fnatic Mode – Will boost Performance and network for playing games
  • Zen Mode – Will disable all distractions for 20 minutes.
  • Screen Recorder – Record the screen with internal sound.
  • Quick Reply in Landscape – Will reply to messages in the landscape without blocking the whole screen.
  • DC Dimming –An Alternative method to adjust the screen brightness by changing the circuit power of the screen.
  • RAM Boost – Will Increase RAM utilization according to your usage.

All the updates will come in Security Software Patch Files which can be further download with Wi-fi or Cellular Data.