Camera Details of Oppo Reno. Superb 3 camera 10X Hybrid Optical quality.

Oppo Reno to get 10X Hybrid Optical Zoom imaging feature. This adds the feature of leveraging all the 3 camera full-focus image system to enhance the overall picture quality to many folds. While all the 3 camera have their own features with joint-type functionality it gives right from 16mm – 160mm full focal length coverage. This can be compared to a decent size DSLR camera lens as well so some extent.

Further the shot angle goes as wide as 120 Degrees. This in itself is considered as super-wide as compared to a normal shot.

If we talk about the lens itself then it is a Periscoping Type Telephoto Lens. It is not common in phones with the price points that Oppo is expected to launch Reno. Hence this can become a hot selling feature if the launch price point is competitive .