BSNL USSD codes list to Check Balance, Data, Validity, Offers, Recharge and More

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The state-owned telecom operator BSNL is one of the largest providers of fixed telephony and landline services in the country. BSNL also offers prepaid and postpaid services to its customers. The operator in the recent past has been ringing in the changes to compete with the likes of Industry leaders such as Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea. Like other telcos, it also lets users check various things related to their services via USSD codes. In this article, you can find all the relevant USSD codes of BSNL and their complete details. The codes come in handy for checking the main balance, data balance, validity check, latest recharge and validity offers, and more. 

In a bid to attract more customers to its platform, BSNL has been revamping its prepaid and postpaid plans from time to time. The state-run telco has been lagging behind the competition owing to the adoption of 4G technology. But recently, BSNL has started rolling out the 4G network in select cities across the country. The short USSD codes let users get to know any of the network-related services. The USSD codes are often used by many of its subscribers to get the relevant details within a short time. For those unaware, we have provided an updated comprehensive list of USSD codes accompanied by their details. Without any delay, let’s check in the details.

USSD Codes and their Functions

USSD Codes


*123# BSNL Balance Check Ussd codes
 *124# BSNL Net Balance Check (GPRS Balance USSD)
*112#   BSNL Net Balance Check Data 3G 
*123*6# or


BSNL Net Balance Check Data 2G 

*123*1# or

BSNL Night GPRS Balance Check 

or *125# 

BSNL SMS Balance Check
*123*2#  BSNL National SMS Balance Check 
*234# BSNL Net Balance Enquiry 

 or *123*1# 

or *123*6# 

BSNL GPRS Data Plan 
*102#  BSNL Last Call Charge Detail 
*124*10# BSNL Video Call Balance Check  
*123#  BSNL Validity Check 
 164 or *8888# BSNL Number Check
*123*2#  BSNL Minutes Balance Check 
 *123*9#   BSNL Video Call Balance Check 
*124# BSNL FnF Number Enquiry 
*126#    BSNL Voice Pack Info

 or *123*6#

BSNL Network Call Check 
*123*4#   BSNL FRC on net Balance 


BSNL SMS Based Self Care Guide

Besides the USSD codes, BSNL also offers SMS based self-care guide, wherein the users can send the relevant query to 123 to get the details. Just type in the relevant shortcodes and send an SMS to 123. BSNL does not levy any SMS charges for the service, and it is completely free of cost. These shortcodes are easy to easy and deliver accurate information to users.

USSD Details


BSNL FnF View Check Code                            <FNFVIEW> To 123
BSNL FnF ADD Check Code                         <FNFADD> To 123
BSNL FnF Modify Check Code                        <FNFMOD> To 123
BSNL Balance Enquiry Check Code                 <BAL> To 123
BSNL Scratch Card Recharge Check Code    <SCR> To 123
BSNL Last 5 Calls Details Check Code             <HISTORY> To 123
BSNL Third Party Recharge Check Code        <TPR> To 123
BSNL Bundle Enquiry Code                         <STVINFO> To 123
BSNL Bundle List Check Code                      <STVHLP> To 123
BSNL Bundle Subscription Check Code         <STVSUB> To 123
BSNL Modify Language Check Code                 <MLANG> To 12
BSNL Current Tariff Plan Check Code                <CTP> To 123
BSNL List Tariff Plan Check Code                      <LTP> To 123
BSNL Modify Tariff Plan Check Code                 <MTP> To 123
BSNL Help Message                                         


<HELP> To 123