Apple to Launch 4 iPhones in 2020 with 5G and OLED Screen to Ramp Up Sales: Report

4 new iphones to be launched in 2020

Recently, a report from JPMorgan revealed that Apple might try to boost its iPhone sales by launching four new models in 2020. After an analysis of current trends, it is expected that Apple will bring three new OLED phones with 5G modems. Furthermore, at least two of the models will sport a Time of Flight camera.

Usually, Apple makes all of its major releases in September right in time for the holiday season. Hence a similar pattern can be expected in 2020 as well. For 2019, we already know that we will see only three new devices with unusual camera setups, but improved shooters overall.

The analysis from JPMorgan also states that this time Apple is going for the “value” market. This implies that the phone will have a size similar to that of iPhone 8, but will come without the 5G modem and at a lower cost.

Since Tim Cook does not wish to drop the premium segment, the three expected flagships with OLEDs will most likely have 5.4”, 6.1”, and 6.7” screen sizes. All these upgrades are aimed towards restoring sales growth. 195 million units are expected to be shipped in 2020, up from the estimated 180 million in 2019


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