Android blocked for Huawei Smartphones ??

As per the latest directions of Trump Administration to ban Huawei in the USA, companies that are registered and operate in the US are now bound to follow the orders to comply with the regulations.

According to Google’s Spokeswomen, the company has suspended its business with Huawei for all the domains, including hardware, software, and services. This will severely affect Huawei’s smartphones outside China as they won’t be able to access lots of Google services starting from Android OS itself.

More services that are possible to get affected include Google Play Services (Play Store), Google Play, Gmail, and YouTube, etc. As per Indiashopps technology experts, Huawei smartphones can now only use the open/public domain versions of Android.

Users of Huawei smartphones will be left in a lurch with sudden stoppage of these widely used services. There will not be many options, but to change and dump their existing phones and move to other brands. This will surely cheer up other brands, especially non-Chinese, and their market share is bound to increase.