Alleged OnePlus 7 Pro Hands-on image leaked with full screen design, 48MP camera

OnePlus 7 Pro Leaked Hands-on image

The phone which has taken all the bigwigs of the industry by surprise is OnePlus. Ever since its launched with the invite-only sale strategy, it has been dominant in the market. With increasing market share OnePlus has put enormous pressure on the competition.

As per the sources from Weibo, the Chinese social media website, we have got detailed specifications and hand-on images of alleged OnePlus 7 Pro. Its tough to confirm all the details right away, however going by the information one can clearly say that the specs have OnePlus style signature all over it.

Camera :

First look, one would see that front camera is missing from the Display. Which clearly indicates that we can expect a pop-up Selfie camera. This further means that users would love the little extra space on the top for notifications and gaming.

OnePlus 7 Pro will have triple rear cameras of 48MP + 16MP + 8 MP. This is a massive line up of rear camera in terms of megapixels. Going by the experience of Oneplus 6t , one can assume that the camera with such high specs going to be a USP of the phone.

Screen & Display :

The screen is Super Optic 6.67 Display. With clear end to end display it’s a visual treat for all the media junkies who consume tons of movies / gaming etc over their mobile phone.  

Side picture of OnePlus 7 Pro hands on image.

The side picture shows the curved display which is really appealing as it gives a totally futuristic feel to the phone.

CPU, RAM & Storage :

It will be powered by SnapDragon 855 CPU. As per the details, the variant will have 8GB RAM + 256 GB internal Storage. 8 GB is a massive RAM as compared to the current competitive phones. With 8GB one can do real multitasking without a glitch to the extent viewing 4K movies and heavy gaming.  

The OnePlus 7 Pro OS will be based on Android 9. Though as we know company gets their own version going on top of Android like Oxygen OS.

 With every increasing specification launch after launch all we can say that OnePlus is here to be a dominant player in the market for years to come.

As the authenticity of the information cannot be proved right now, we request the readers to take this with a bucketful of salt till the phone is official revealed.