Airtel Cheapest Prepaid Data Recharge Plans Explained


Ever since Reliance kickstarted Jio, all other competitors in the telecom field have been struggling to keep up. Known for its varied spectrum of both prepaid and postpaid plans, Bharti Airtel is yet again renewing its marketing strategies.

Most packs include unlimited data, endless messages, and even unlimited local/STD/ISD calling. If this isn’t enough, then they provide other additional benefits for movie buffs as well. However, today we’ll be diving into the details of 4 data-centric prepaid plans.

The Rs 28 Data Pack Plan

This is the cheapest data offer available for Airtel users out there. Upon subscribing to this plan, the customer can avail 500MB of data for a validity of 28 days. Granted, the amount of data is rather less for this period but comparing it with the price of the plan makes it seem worthwhile. This plan is best suited for people who don’t use mobile data on a regular basis.

The Rs 48 Data Pack Plan

With only a little hike in the price, this plan offers much more data to its users. Upon subscribing to this Rs 48 plan, the customer can avail 3GB of data for a validity of 28 days, similar to the previous plan. This offer suits the needs of those who use the internet only a few times a month.

The Rs 92 Data Pack Plan

Now this plan is different than the previous ones. It packs 6GB of data for a validity of just 7 days. This plan is favorable for the people who keenly use mobile data and might need some more after passing their usual data FUP limit. This plan enables the user to view videos, browse in chrome and comfortably use social media. 

The Rs 98 Data Pack Plan

On contrary to the Rs 28 data plan, this plan is actually the highest data plan that Airtel offers. It supports 6GB of data for a period of 28 days. It is more suitable for users who need some extra data after their monthly packages run out.

The Rs. 28 Data Pack Plan 500 MB 28 DAYS
The Rs. 48 Data Pack Plan 3 GB 28 DAYS
The Rs. 92 Data Pack Plan 6 GB 7 DAYS
The Rs. 98 Data Pack Plan 6 GB 28 DAYS