A Few POCOPHONE F1 Users Report that MIUI Update Brought System Wide Dark Mode

poco f1

Xioami POCO F1 (called POCOPHONE F1 globally) which launched in 2018 in India has been kept on the table with frequent OTA updates. The MIUI update that was rolled out for the POCO F1 last week, brought May security patch along with a host of improvements and fixes.

Bugs and issues are not new to the POCO F1, and the users have taken them to Reddit and MIUI community to express their outrage. With the latest MIUI Update, as usual, the POCO F1 has received something unusual and unpromised feature. Wondering what it is? I am not going to let you wait for more – It is the System-Wide Dark Mode. The users who noticed this unusual feature approached Reddit and MIUI community to check if any of the other users have received it and find if there is any fix to that. Xiaomi actually promised to bring the Dark Mode for the POCO F1 with MIUI 11 update that is expected to be rolled out only in 2010.

According to the user who posted the info on Reddit and MIUI community, the Dark Mode that was received on his device with MIUI is something unexpected and more to the surprise, he couldn’t find any option to disable/toggle the feature.

The user who says he is from Sri Lanka also reported that the system-wide dark mode is configured to all MIUI apps, Phone and messaging apps.

POCO F1 system wide dark mode

Another user said that,

POCO F1 system wide dark mode

Interestingly, another user from Indonesia also reported that he too received the dark mode after updating to MIUI and expressed his inability to find any option to disable it.

POCO F1 system wide dark mode

We expect that Xiaomi might issue an update to fix this soon. Android Q OS update is around the corner, and we fear Xiaomi would bring more issues and bugs which make Reddit and forums busy with users posting their experiences. POCO F1 undoubtedly is a very good device for developers, and these issues will not stop them from updating to next Android version or buy the upcoming POCO F2.