OPPO Officially Demonstrates Under Display Camera Technology on a Prototype Smartphone

OPPO Under Display Camera

OPPO Vice President Shen Yiern Brian today showcased the company’s first-ever under-display camera technology through a Weibo post. The technology has been demonstrated on a prototype smartphone and it is reported that OPPO has applied for the patent related to the under screen camera in June 2018.

At this stage, it is difficult for the screen-camera to achieve the same effect as the traditional ones, and the optical quality will certainly have some loss. However, this new technology can be developed to perfection. Let’s go and listen to it.

OPPO Vice President
OPPO Under Display Camera Image
OPPO Under Display Camera Technology

According to the video posted on Weibo, the prototype smartphone uses a full-screen design that has no notch or holes in the display. The selfie camera is hidden inside the display. The under display camera technology will for sure be the direction that smartphone makers will move at least from 2020.

Unfortunately, Brian did not announce any details regarding the mass production or time-to-market of the technology.