2019 Apple iPhone 11R and 11 Max Case Renders Offer More Clear Look of the Design

Rumors have been going around that the iPhone XI models will follow in iPad Pros’ footsteps and drop Lightning in favor of a USB type C connector. But recently leaked renders of Olixar phone cases prove that there is no truth in these rumors.

The pictures show that the case has a small hole at the bottom, definitely not big enough to fit the larger USB type C. Moreover, Apple‘s 2019 iPad models also use Lightning, so it’s pretty clear that Cupertino isn’t ready to make the switch just yet.

A prominent feature on the case is a big square cut-out made for the camera hump. Unfortunately, it’s not the prettiest or a chic design. If you had been hoping that this rumor wasn’t true either, it’s finally time to start accepting that the square is actually here.

Apart from this, Olixar also made a tempered glass protector for the camera. It features four holes (three for the cameras and one for the flash) and fits right over the camera bump. The tempered glass protector for the screen shows that there are no changes in the front notch design. Kindly note; the screen protector should be a more accurate representation of the notch than the first render above.

Coming to the XR accessories, case see the similar square cutout in the case but with only two cameras this time.

Olixar calls this handset the “iPhone 11R”. We guess it’s more suitable than “iPhone XIR”. Similarly, the advanced models are called “iPhone 11” and “iPhone 11 Max” rather than using the Roman numerals “XI”.


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