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Landline is the first magical invention which broke the geographical boundaries of communications for the mankind.  No matter how much advanced we might get technologically, we will always cherish the old school means of communication via landlines. Not only these phones help in communication but they also act as a residential proof, which makes them so much more significant in our lives. Plus if we talk about user security landlines are considered more secure as they are difficult to hack compared to mobile phones. Unlike mobile phones, landline also doesn’t require battery or recharge; you don’t have to worry about your battery or balance if you have to contact someone urgently.

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Landline Phones Price List on July, 2018

Landline Phones Models List Updated Price List
Panasonic KX-TG3615 Cordless Phone (Black) Rs. 2,849
Gigaset DA210 Corded Landline Phone Rs. 1,249
Gigaset A495 Cordless Landline Phone Rs. 2,799
Panasonic Kxtg-3411bx Cordless Landline Phone Rs. 1,699
Beetel M71 Corded Landline Phone Rs. 1,135
Panasonic Single Line KX-TS880MX Corded Phone (White) Rs. 2,991
Panasonic KX-TSC62SXB Corded Telephone Rs. 1,180
Panasonic KX-TG3821SXB 2.4 GHz DIGITAL Cordless Telephone Rs. 5,373
Motorola MC601 Cordless Landline Phone Rs. 1,900
Even though mobiles have taken majority of their market, landlines still strive to survive and stay relevant.  No matter where you go, you will find at least one landline, in every corporate building or household you step in.  Yes, corporates prefer having at least one landline number registered under their company name for official purposes.

There was one a time when landline used to cost more than mobile phones, but thanks to Android which has completely acquired their market, today Landline phones has gone down a notch.

Corded and Cordless Landline Phones

Looking at the popularity of mobile phones and tablets, Landline Company also introduced cordless phones to allow customers to stroll around their house while talking. This helped in an increase in the number of sales. Most people today prefer cordless landlines over corded ones as they allow users to go to other room to have important conversations.

Both these types of landline phones are available in different colors at our website, which help them in mixing in at any household. Users can also browse through our vintage collection to give your house a 90s makeover.

Landline Phones  - Brands and Prices in India

Just type in the name the name of your preferred brand and explore the stylish designs of a landline. Landline manufacturers have also upped their game, and are experimenting with designs to attract more users to stick the old fashioned way of communication. Landline Phone Price in India has lowered in the past decade, which makes them more accessible for customers from different financial backgrounds.

Panasonic, Pramoda, Gigaset, Beetel, Motorola and Magic etc are just some of the landline brands available on our website. On our site, you can find landline phones price list as well as ratings for the product.

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Landline is not big in the offline market, so be prepared to travel to different markets if you have a particular design in mind, if you want to opt for offline shopping. It is thus better to opt for landline phones online. By using our website customers can save their energy and time, and compare the Landline Phones Price Online of different brands available on all leading websites. This means you don’t have to open and browse through 10 different tabs to find the landline design which can match your home décor.

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